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Company Profile
TWIN ACES INDUSTRIES INC. is a diversified manufacturer of specialty protective coatings, custom industrial coatings, marine paints, architectural paints, various types of adhesives and sealants. The company’s products each reflect the firm’s broad theme. “WE COVER YOUR WORLD”. TWIN ACES paints, epoxies, enamels, lacquers, varnishes, sealants, glues and related chemical products enhance the beauty and durability of appliances, wood furniture, masonry surfaces, plastic materials, metal fixtures and marine/industrial structures.

Company Policy
Quality is the highest value that TWIN ACES INDS. INC advocates. Such value shall be expressed and ingrained in the conduct of all our businesses and in our way of life. It shall be shown in the excellence of our products and services as reflected in the continued satisfaction and patronage of our clients and customers. It shall be seen in the exceptional result of our individual and collective work.

Observation of pleasant, clean and safe working environment, in the cordial and professional working atmosphere and with genuine concern for our surroundings.

Quality is our concern in all the activities we undertake. We shall all strive in earnest t continuously improve the source f our businesses, operations, facilities, systems, knowledge and ourselves in upholding this value and keeping with our continuing commitment t our corporate goals of Pioneering, Growth and Leadership.

Will be a prestigious corporation with international partner in nation building, guided by the supreme standards of competence, integrity and excellence.
Will be a diversified enterprise, principally engaged in the manufacturing and trading business providing cost-effective processes, products and services of superior quality, extending meaningful employment and better quality of life to our employees, delivering reasonable returns to our clients and serving the welfare of the community.

In order to achieve these goals, we will conduct our business with utmost professionalism; commit ourselves to total quality awareness with external improvements to our products and services to satisfy our customers. We will be a company to which and every employee will be proud of.

NEOCOIL - Coil Coatings
RL FINISHES - Industrial Finishes
TWINKOTE - Paints & Coatings
KANSAI-JAPAN - Marine & Heavy Duty Coatings
PRINCETON - Architectural Paints
CARVER - Acrylic Automotive Finishes
CAMBRIDGE - Low Cost Enamels
ARMADA - Marine Finishes
GLIDDEN - Automotive Finishes
SKY - Automotive Lacquers
WINDSOR - Economy House Paint / Lacquers
Manufacturer of Seagull Marine Paints and Epoxy Coatings
Product lines

Coil Coating :

  Polyester Primer
Polyester Topcoats
Acrylic Backcoat
Epoxy Primer

Industrial Finishes :

CRB paints, Hi-build Epoxies, Floor Coatings, Inorganic zinc, Long Oils Alkyds, Baking Enamels, Hi-heat Paints, Hammertone, Puttues, Wrinkled/Spottered paints, Silkscreen, Non-toxic paints, Chemical Resistant Coatings, Polyurethane Paints, Plastic Paints and Traffic Paints.
Marine Finishes :

Anti-corrosive, Anti-fouling, Boottoping Paints, Superstrucure Coatings, Marine and Heavy Duty Coatings.

Architectural Finishes :
Exterior/Interior Enamels, Textured Paints, Elastomeric Paints, Latex Paints, Roof Paints & Tinting Colors.
Automotive Finishes :

Epoxy Primer / Topcoats, Acrylic Primer & Topcoats, Automotive Lacquer Paints, Lacquer Enamels, Automotive Enamel, Paint remover & Putties.

Wood Finishes :

Catalyzed Lacquer, Polyurethanes, Vinyl Topcoat & Sealer, Waterbase Sanding & Topcats, NC Lacquers, NGR & Oil stain, Wood bleach & Wood filter.

Adhesives & Sealants :

Glue, Contact Cement, PVC Solvent Cement.

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